“Using the intersection between art and design as a place for experimentation, André Teoman produces objects, concepts and experiences with his own clever twist. The studio intends to be more creative and emotional than innovative and technological.”


André Teoman born in Viana do Castelo, Portugal in 1989, was raised between Viana do Castelo and Istanbul. Teoman took design classes in Viana do Castelo. Is experience it the world of puppetry and theater also had an effect on his the love for the fantasy world.

In 2012, he left his hometown for Porto to start working with several luxury design furniture brands such as Boca do Lobo and Koket, where he developed pieces like the Newton Dining Table, Piccadilly Cabinet or the Hypnotic Chandelier considered trends from many trendsetters. He also won the Young Design International 2014 Award by the Light + Building Messe Frankfurt Fair. By the end of 2014 he left to start a new adventure…. his own studio that started in the beginning of 2015.

Making a difference at his hometown local artisans is now as important as to make meaningful projects. Preserve such craftsmanship is a mission and a desire to join their best craftsmanships with other great techniques that are being forgotten around the world. He creates his own world with wicked things and to turn them into a symbolization of distinctive taste and humor. Looking at emotion as one of his priorities the pieces have this strong emotional bond with the concept that make the user look twice and thing about it.

His recent work has already begun to be noticed and awarded. The international press has featured his recent work and with an Adesignaward won in 2015 the studio has started with the right foot. The invitation to be part of the Portuguese Design Bienale with the Kaleidoscope table was another important milestone of 2015 that was followed by the Welcome to the Club exhibition in the beginningof 2016 in the ShowMe Art & Design Gallery. Some of his pieces have been seen in international shows has the Tent London or the Salone Satellite, giving the studio a new international aproach. If you are interested in more information about André Teoman please schedule an interview here.

Awards and Events


- Maison et Object, Nelly Rodi Tendance Stand | Newton - Dining Table | 2012



- Exhibition at Showme Art & Design Gallery | Welcome to the Club | 2016
- XXI Milan Triennale, Objects after Objects, New Practices in Design | Pico - Suspension | 2016
- Adesignaward | Kaleidoscope - Table | 2016
- collective exhibition at Showme Art & Design | "HANDLE WITH CARE" |  Pico - Suspension & Table | 2016

- Gallery Mario Sequeira | Kaleidoscope | 2016

- Inspiring Portugal - Tent London | Zoo Collection | 2016


- Maison et Object, Nelly Rodi Tendance Stand | Marie Therese - Mirror | 2013



- Salone Satellite | Isaloni | Milano | 2017

- Maison et Objet | September | The Zoo Collection | 2017

- Collective exhibition at Mint | Luminaires | Kaleidoscope Sidetable & Mirror | 2017


- Maison et Object, Nelly Rodi Tendance Stand | Piccadilly - Mirror | 2014
- Messe Frankfurt, Light and Building | Gia - Chandelier | 2014


- Adesignaward | Chartres - Ceiling Light | 2015
- Jordão Cooling System | Modern Stuco | 2015
- EXD 15 | Kaleidoscope - Table | 2015