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The Salone Satellite organization launched the challenge to describe “Design is…” in two to three words for all participants of the 20th edition of the event. I really enjoyed what we could explore with this theme so instead of just describing it in words I took the initiative to make it into an object.

Design shouldn’t be for sale, and I’m not deluded, I know that sales are an important phase of a product’s sustainable life. But what shouldn’t be for sale is the process itself of thinking/designing objects. The majority of the product design industry pressures designers and creative persons to do what is selling at that moment, regardless of how and why. And all the creative process and the weariness of the impact that the piece could have in the market, the industry, the suppliers or even the environment is left behind.

Also the word “design” should not be an adjective with the intention of giving a glamorous touch to something just because it’s a “trendy” word and might lead to a boost in sales. It's starting to be poorly associated with all kinds of busyness that don’t even use design thinking at any point of their service.

“And also because I didn’t want my stand to be a selling point, but almost like an exhibition with a theme. So the “Not for Sale” lamp can almost be considered our title piece in the stand, setting the tone for the rest of the pieces.

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