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This adventure has just begun, but still I’ve had the chance to see some of my creations be presented in Milan during Isaloni 2015. My newest pieces for WewoodScaffold and Leiwere and absolute premier, only presented for the first time in Milan. Also Koket had featured some of the pieces I’ve created during my days there.

Scaffold sofa was a delight for my eyes and legs! Just a fantastic choice of color by the Wewood Design Team, and great quality production from the Wewood industries. I couldn’t ask for better!

Lei was also a great piece to be welcomed with! With the playful storage provides a mirror and multiple compartments for the more sensitive possessions that are personal to the user, such as, photos, postcards, makeup and jewels. A multifunctional and ambiguous table which works as a computer desk for him or as a dressing table for her.

And Koket was beautiful once again… no need to say more.

So far this year as been full of surprises, the good kind of surprises, and I hope they keep on coming! Subscribe to the channels to learn in first hand everything!

Written By Francisco Le

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