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Today at the awards of Dress me Up by Jordão, I had the opportunity to meet great persons, see an idea that came to life, I didn’t win but still I was a winner. With “Modern Stucco” I made the top 5, and had the opportunity to see it come to life. I was very happy with the final result, and even more because the final piece was even better looking than the renders.

And here are the renders that I submited to the competition:

Inspired in the traditional stuccos used in interior decorations, the Modern Stucco pattern was made by modern objects related to the world that Jordão supplies his cooling objects. The idea was to look like the classical ones at some distance, but when you got closer to it you would realize that the components weren’t the traditional ones, but a modern one with objects related to the needs of each module. Once again, I tried to re-think a traditional technique to the needs and day-to-day of our contemporary culture, and despite not having used stucco, but plaster due to the costs of the prototype the technique was similar and only experts could notice it.

The place of the exhibition was a great solution to the objects that were hosted, using a floor of the parking lot of the Vila Flor Palacio in Guimarães that highlighted the pieces with the simplicity of the space.

The other finalists:

It was a great experience were Christophe de Sousa, Diogo Couto/Ivo Coutinho/Tomás Gonçalves, Manuel Afonso Sá and Suricata Design Studio were finalists too. Congrats to all of them and the organization for another great event that celebrates Portuguese design at his best!

Written By Francisco Le

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