André Teoman Studio

AT Journal


Piccadilly Cabinet is made in an era where modernity is overcoming our traditions, but even now we’re a lot defined by our past and our ancestors. We can’t forget how we got here, how we used to live. Irvin Howe once said “Modernity consists in a revolt against the prevailing style, an unyielding rage against the official order.” but in this case the revolt consists in the search for the balance between this both time spaces. “Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.” – ZELDMAN, Jeffrey.

I was interested in the creation of a piece that would speaks through its visual impact telling us the story of the iconic square (Picaddilly’s Square) always featuring the concept of the brand (Boca do Lobo) that mixture the craftmanship to the modern techniques.
A fun fact is that the idea started at the São Bento metro station in Oporto. I was leaving work and lost the metro after some extra hours and it was really late, so the metro would only pass within a 30 minute window. My only chance was to way there, so I sat with my notebook (as I usually do) sketching some ideas. If you don’t know of any metro stations in Porto they have some screens that show us commercials and from time to time I would look for them to help time pass by, and in one of the commercial part of the screen went crazy, you could still understand that it was the same as the rest but only by color squares. And so it struck me, what if furniture would have the same problem? What if entire cities would have it?

In a glance you can feel the dichotomy between modernity and tradition, just like the famous Piccadilly Circus, in London. And the architectural contrast between the present and the cities heritage that can be felt in those Londoner squares that give the pixelate effect like the cabinet is loading the rest of the details. Looking like a frozen moment between the two generations in the outside, the inside is just about the opposite showing a clean exquisite interior completed with a classic dome in the top, containing four drawers and two shelves. Like a piece of art, it amazes and wonders all that recognize their keen observation of the world around us and the expressions of our fantasies.