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I’ve seen all the nominees for best picture and I can finally choose my favorite among them. It’s not about a real story or a very fantasist one, it’s just plane and simple storytelling about the will to make a dent in the history of what you love. I’m talking about Whiplash.

Honestly from the 8 nominees it was the one that I had less expectations to surprise me. But once you begin to see it you rapidly start to connect with both of the main characters. In one side you have this kid Andrew who really wants to make history in the world of jazz drummers, and in the other a tough teacher, Fletcher, with terrifying methods to realize his student’s potential. With no need of the “This movie is inspired in real facts” to make you emotional, or Sci-Fi out of this world story to give you a thrill, this simple story will make you nervous, passionate and driven during almost one and an half hour.

All people passionate about their area will love the thin line between passion and obsession, the one that sometimes you need to cross to be where you want to be, and some decisions that you need to take to make your 24h more dedicated to your dream. Miles Teller does an outstanding job representing Andrew, you can feel the tension that the character is in the whole movie. I’m not an expert in drumming but for me it looked just like him playing too, Miles is awesome. As the old saying “no pain no gain” this kid leaves it all on stage, on practice and at home.

You can literally see him “sweat blood” to pursuit is passion. I’m not saying that I agree with every decision made by this fictional character but most of them I can easily relate too, as sometimes I need to abdicate of some things to get things done. We all been there and not every time we choose to follow our dreams because it’s harder it isn’t so pleasant, and sometimes we are right do it, but most of the times you will have to choose the hardest road to achieve your dream.

With all that said all I can say now is go and see it. My congrats to the whole crew for this electrifying movie and specially to Miles Teller for his great performance.

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